ChellaBella Lashes Info Page


Why ChellaBella Lashes are the best

ChellaBella lashes are a high-tech premium quality unique formula magnetic lash & liner system

Our best in the market magnetic liner has been perfected to keep your lashes strong-held on all day

Life-proof and windproof

Completely safe for contact lens wearers 

All items are and will always be cruelty-free and vegan 


What are your lashes and liner brush made of?

Our Eyelashes are made from high quality synthetic fibres. Our brush is made from plastic fibre


What is your eyeliner and cleansing oil made of?

All our products have been tested for safety. Our eyeliner has the same types of ingredients you might see in other liners or mascara. What makes our liner magnetic is our iron oxide ingredient. There are no heavy metals or parabens in our formula. Iron oxide is a cosmetic ingredient commonly used for pigment and is rated as non-toxic according to EWG’s skin deep profile. Our cleansing oil is mainly made from a seed oil - vitis vinifera (common grape-seed)

Of course, as with any eye cosmetic products, if you have any pre-existing eye conditions, consult your doctor. For a break down of all our ingredients, please see each individual listing.



Can I wear Mascara with your lashes?

Yes, but we advise putting the mascara on before you apply your lashes. This will prolong the life your lashes by keeping them clean. We would also advise using non-oily mascaras.


What is the life expectancy of your eyelashes and eyeliner?

When used in line with our HOW TO guide, kept clean and cared for our lashes can be reused up to 35+ times and the eyeliner can be used up to 60 +.


I need help choosing a lash

No problem! Check out our lash guide


How to apply ChellaBella Magnetic lashes

Stress-free, Speed-ee and Eas-ee

When using magnetic eyeliner you will need to start with a non-oily eyelid, ideally a non-oily primer or powder as base. 
If you are planning on using mascara do not use an oil-based mascara with magnetic eyelashes and be sure to apply your mascara before applying the eyelashes. This will increase the lifetime of your lashes and keep them clean.
Do not use the cleansing oil on the lash magnets, it is for removing the liner from your eyes only.
Please remove the eyeliner and eyelashes fully before going for an MRI scan

Allergies: Please refer to each individual product for allergy information and ingredients. Like any makeup product, swatch product on hand to make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients in product. If no reaction occurs, proceed to application.

Magnetic liner, Lashes and oil, for external use only